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July 26 2016

Brexit into EB-5; September 2015 Exemplar; The Genesis of Globalization

Brexit into EB-5 

Political, economic, environmental, and other factors for many generations have been major reasons for immigration to the U.S. I was hired last fall by a British jumbo jet pilot for his and his family’s EB-5 immigration. I asked him what is causing him to immigrate to the U.S. and he said, “It is for my kids. America is the future.” I thought of him and his insight when I saw the Brexit vote. The U.K., in my opinion, will be an expanding market for EB-5 investors

September 2015 Exemplar

Last summer and fall, I filed many exemplar applications (for EB-5 project approval) before the EB-5 Regional Center statute was to sunset on September 30th. Last week, one of these exemplars was approved. It was filed on September 17, 2015. There was no request for more evidence.

The Genesis of Globalization

For a great read on summer vacation, I recommend 1493 by Charles C. Mann. This fascinating book explains how gold and silver from South America started worldwide trade. The new wealth from South America principally flowed to Spain, which used the capital to fund European wars. The silver was also traded with China (for silk and porcelain). Silver, combined with the introduction of maze and sweet potatoes, changed the Chinese economy.

1493’s discussion of the environmental changes due to the onset of global trade is also very interesting. For example, it discusses how yellow fever in the Americas influenced the slave trade. Although Europeans died from this disease, many Africans contracted yellow fever as children (for whom the disease is not deadly) and as adults were immune. Malaria also affected the Revolutionary War, as British troops died from malaria in America. This history book is quite topical when many are questioning the current impacts of globalization. 1493 is well researched and a good read.