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September 9 2016

Bulletin on the Visa Bulletin

Bulletin on the Visa Bulletin

The Department of State (DOS) visa list closed EB5 visas for Regional Center (RC) investors for October, but don't be alarmed.

Each month, the DOS issues the Visa Bulletin, which sets the cut-off dates (the filing date of the 526 must be older than the cut-off date on the Bulletin or the Bulletin shows the visa category as “current”) for visa issuance. The Visa Bulletin is basically a waiting list. For October, it says there are no visas available for EB5 RC applicants, but there are visas for direct investors.  This is because the RC statute is set to expire on September 30 and it has not yet been extended.  If it is extended to December, as is expected, the Visa Bulletin will show the EB5 RC category as current once again, except for China born applicants. For these applicants, there will be a cut-off date, which as of today is February 15, 2014.

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