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September 28 2016

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended; September 2016 Filings; The Next Surge; Processing Time

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended

Yea! Congress, with a continuing resolution, extended the current EB-5 Regional Center statute to December 9, 2016.

September 2016 Filings

We filed about a dozen I-526s in the last 10 days of September 2016. The hard deadline caused a few who were considering the EB-5 program to finally decide to invest.

The Next Surge

We will probably see another surge in I-526 filings in late November or early December. If USCIS issues a proposed regulation increasing the investment amount to $800,000, I believe many will want to get in at the current minimum of $500,000. Such a proposed regulation may be published in mid-November, and again maybe not.

Processing Time

The average processing time for an I-526 is now at 17.1 months. I have seen many recent approvals granted in about 14 months. We received eight I-526 approvals for one project on one day last week.