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September 20 2016

Statute Extension; September 30th Deadline; GAO Report; Regional Center Approval

Statute Extension

It still appears that on or before September 30th, or shortly thereafter, the EB-5 statute will be extended in its current form (with many other non-immigration laws) until December 9th via a "continuing resolution." If the statute expires for a few days, while the continuing resolution is worked out (EB-5 is a minor part of this continuing resolution, which funds the federal budget) it will be retroactive to September 30th.

September 30th Deadline

We're trying to file all of our I-526 cases by September 30th, even though it appears that the statute will be extended to December 9th.

GAO Report

The Government Accounting Office has issued a report on the EB-5 program. They indicate that the USCIS has made strides in preventing fraud, but more work needs to be done. One criticism was that there was too much paper involved with the EB-5 program. AMEN!

Regional Center Approval

I represented a client whose EB-5 regional center was approved last week. The application was filed in August 2015.