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Expediting Cases

Many applications for permanent resident status and naturalization remain undecided because the USCIS is inefficient or cannot obtain the needed FBI name check.

After waiting a reasonable time, one can file a mandamus action in court to compel the USCIS to finalize a green card case. Naturalization applicants can seek similar relief.

Martin J. Lawler often files mandamus actions after asking the government to resolve the case. Our mandamus filings usually result in the case being decided in two to six months. One of our cases took two weeks and one about 12 months. Some cases may take longer. For expediting the case, we would like, if available, a copy of the application receipt, any correspondence from the USCIS, interview notice, fingerprint notice, and some information about the individual.

If your application is stalled for a name check, call us. If appropriate, we will be pleased to help by filing a mandamus action.