March 6 2014

Breaking News

There is a lot of EB-5 news of late. Canada closed its investor immigration program, USCIS held an interesting stakeholder call, and more news is breaking today. Department of State Projections Change The Department of State (DOS) now says that the China EB-5 quota may not be exhausted this fiscal year. If...

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March 5 2014

More from February USCIS Stakeholder Meeting

More from February USCIS Stakeholder Meeting Job Creation from Guest Expenditure Estelle and I raised several important questions at February’s USCIS EB-5 stakeholder meeting, some of which were submitted ahead of time and read and addressed. We want to share the USCIS responses and our reaction to those responses. We asked USCIS what...

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February 28 2014

February 2014 USCIS Stakeholder Meeting

Nicolas Colucci, the new USCIS EB-5 director, announced on the USCIS stakeholder call held February 26, 2014, his plans to improve the basic EB-5 program during fiscal year 2014-2015. The process will begin by hiring 100 new employees dedicated to the program, most of whom will be adjudicators. A very ambitious...

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February 20 2014

Reading the TEA Leaves

An upcoming change in the data used to determine the unemployment rate for certification of targeted employment areas (TEAs) may have consequences for funding current and future projects. The project must principally do business in a TEA at the time of the immigrant’s investment for the minimum amount to be $500,000....

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February 14 2014

Help from our Canadian Friends

The Canadian Finance Minister has abruptly announced the elimination Canada’s popular Immigrant Investor Visa Program. An estimated 45,000 Chinese investors will have their applications terminated and funds returned. Many of these investors will now be looking at our EB-5 program. The Canadian program was substantially different than the EB-5 system. Canada...

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