July 19 2013

Important SEC Rules on Regional Center Advertising

Important SEC Rules on Regional Center Advertising The SEC, pursuant to the JOBS Act, recently issued final rules that will have an important impact on regional centers – advertising of EB-5 projects and enhanced “accredited investor” asset verification. Advertising The new rule allows a regional center project to engage in general solicitation of the...

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July 15 2013

Latest Developments

In the past few weeks, I have been to the IIUSA and American Immigration Lawyers Association conferences. Also, the Senate passed its comprehensive immigration reform bill with EB-5 reforms I previously discussed. The House started work on its own immigration bill. News reports say the House will only vote on...

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June 17 2013

USCIS Policy Memorandum

The following provides a deeper analysis of the USCIS May 30, 2013 policy memorandum on EB-5 adjudications. Regional center applications USCIS has clarified that there are two types of Form I-924 regional center filings: “Hypothetical” projects. These must contain general proposals and general predictions sufficient for USCIS to determine that the proposed regional center will...

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June 1 2013

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Martin Lawler Speaking Martin Lawler is a popular speaker at business, law and university conferences, as well as in the media. Here is a list of Martin’s recent speaking engagements: L.A. County Bar Association EB-5 Conference (lead off speaker and on 3 panels) – March 2014 KAZA 1290 AM, San Jose Vietnamese Radio...

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May 24 2013

News Flash

 News Flash – Washington DC – EB-5 Amendment The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has passed amendments to the EB-5 statute, which may become part of the comprehensive immigration reform bill (S.744) on which Congress is presently working. This is NOT law yet – just a proposed law.  If it becomes law, the bill will...

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