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January 7 2017

E-2 Investor Visa Update

E-2 visas are available for citizens of about 80 countries. In a few months, citizens of Israel for the first time may obtain E-2 investor visas.

The Israeli E-2 visa was created by treaty about 4 years ago but was held up waiting for the U.S. and Israel to agree on implementing protocols.

E-2 visas are said to be next best thing to a green card. Often they are valid for 5 years and can be renewed. I helped a client from Switzerland extend her E-2 visa and she has been here 24 years running her business.
E-2’s require a majority of an enterprise’s owners to be citizens of the treaty country. The investment amount must be “substantial” and that depends on the American Consul. In Germany, usually $100,000 is sufficient. In Pakistan, Korean or Ukraine, $200,000-$250,000.

I won the first case that set the precedent for funding E-2 companies with “Intellectual Property” instead of cash, but of course all E-2 businesses need some cash for paying the companies expenses.

As an E-2 visa lawyer, I file 2-3 E-2 visa applications per month worldwide. I give investors a list of the documents they need for the E-2 visa application and walk them through the E-2 visa process.