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September 18 2014


IIUSA’s San Francisco Conference is around the corner – October 22-24. I am Co-chair of the conference and leading the panel discussion on EB-5 legal issues. More than 700 people are expected at this conference. Stakeholders Call and Retrogression On the September 10, 2014 USCIS EB-5 stakeholders call, the question was asked...

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September 10 2014

USCIS September 10, 2014 Stakeholders Call Report

Construction Jobs The USCIS answered my question put to them in writing: Q: Generally speaking, it is USCIS policy that the jobs need to be created at the time of filing the I-829 (or within a reasonable time, which the May 30, 2013 Memo says 1 year absent a force majeure). It...

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September 8 2014

Another Regional Center Fraud Charge

Los Angeles-based EB-5 attorney Justin Moongyu Lee has been indicted for misappropriating $47 million from 94 Chinese and Korean investors seeking EB-5 immigration. He promised them their capital would develop an ethanol plant which was never built. Lee was arrested on similar charges last year in Korea where he remains...

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September 5 2014

Hong Kong Restrictions for Chinese Funds Transfers

I understand Hong Kong has new restrictions on how much PRC nationals can wire per day out of Honk Kong. This is based on how much money one has in the bank. One person said he can wire out about $1 MM Hong Kong dollars or $200K USD per day. IIUSA...

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