December 6 2023

Artificial Intelligence and President Biden’s Executive Order for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (“AI/ML”) Professionals and Related Workers

Overall, the Executive Order 14110 directs the government agencies involved in visas and immigration to develop policies to encourage immigration of AI/ML professionals and “streamline processing times.”  The USCIS, Department of Labor and State Department have not yet issued new policies and/or rules pursuant to the Executive Order. They should promulgate...

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November 23 2023

Visas and Green Cards for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workers

This is a discussion of President Biden’s new Executive Order 14110 regarding artificial intelligence which includes directives for visas and green cards for artificial intelligence/machine learning (“AI/ML”) and related workers. Overall, the Executive Order directs the government agencies involved in visas to develop policies to encourage immigration of AI/ML professionals...

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November 15 2023

New Immigration and Visa Rules for AI Technology Workers

Technology workers involved in artificial intelligence or related fields may have new advantages for work visas and green cards.President Biden’s Artificial Intelligence Executive Order of October 30, 2023 (EO 14110) has immigration and visa provisions. In addition to ordering immigration agencies to review and create new immigration policies, the EO...

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October 16 2023

Expediting I-829 Removal of Conditional Resident Status

USCIS has over 10,000 I-829 EB-5 investor visa applications on file. They sit on the USCIS shelf for 4 years or more.For a decision, to finally settle one’s immigration and apply for U.S. citizenship, I often file a “Mandamus” action in court. These actions are usually successful as there is...

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May 16 2023

Stateside Visa Renewal Pilot Program

In February, the Department of State said it would renew a program terminated in 2004to allow H-1B visa holders in the U.S. to renew the visa stamp in their passport withoutgoing to an American consulate overseas. No details have been announced in the pastfew months. Hopefully, this program will be...

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