November 7 2017

USCIS Releases Key Updates in Stakeholder Call

USCIS Stakeholder Call The USCIS had an EB-5 stakeholder call on Tuesday, November 7. There were a few interesting comments and developments: The USCIS EB-5 unit has new leadership. The leader and her team seem to have a new attitude. They say they are developing a system to speed up adjudications. We...

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November 3 2017

Key EB-5 Visa Updates: Investment Amount Increase, Visa Numbers for India & Vietnam, New Adjustment of Status Rules

EB-5 Investment Amount Increase The question on everybody’s mind is will the EB-5 investment amount be increased soon and what will the new amount be? Rumors abound that the TEA amount will be $925,000 and other areas $1,250,000. My information from Washington D.C. is that negotiations in the Senate continue. It looks...

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September 21 2017

New Guidance on Redeployment of EB-5 Funds

The recently updated EB-5 policy manual (“PM”) explained USCIS’ new policies on redeployment of funds from one project to another. The PM failed to answer many practical questions about how redeployment will actually work. During the USCIS Employment Visa Engagement held in San Francisco on July 20, 2017, my associate attorney...

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September 11 2017

EB-5 Extends to December 8, 2017

With the Hurricane Harvey relief, debt ceiling increase, and budget extension legislation, Congress has extended the current EB-5 law to December 8, 2017 with no changes. There still remains the possibility that the Senator Cornyn’s EB-5 compromise bill may pass this fall. My contacts in Washington D.C. say Senator Cornyn is...

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August 18 2017

Surge is on for EB-5 at $500,000

Surge is on for EB-5 at $500,000 Many investors are concerned that the EB-5 visa investment amount will increase with the EB-5 statute extension on or before September 30th. Thus, they are investing now and filing I-526s. We are encouraging people to start the process ASAP, as the new I-526 form...

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