April 12 2017

Surge in Filing I-526 EB-5 Applications

 In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of EB-5 activity. Surge in Filing I-526 EB-5 Applications With the April 28, 2017 expiration deadline of the RC EB-5 statute (the regular/direct/self EB-5 investment statute does not expire), many investors are seeking to file their I-526s to lock in their investments at the...

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March 20 2017

Shocking EB-5 Rule Change

Obviously there is a lot happening in the EB-5 area these days. Shocking EB-5 Rule Change Previously, a RC could expand its territory usually by a letter and a map accompanying an investor’s I-526. Large territorial expansion often had substantial evidence and an economist’s opinion justifying the territory. In March via a...

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February 24 2017

The Future of EB-5

The more a visa is used, the more rules are applied to restrict its use. We saw this with the H-1B visa, which is used primarily for technology workers. In the 1990s, Intel, Apple, Microsoft and many others were staffed with foreign engineers, many with H-1B visas. As the number of...

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February 15 2017

Travel Ban Update: No Relief for the Weary

The President’s “Muslim ban” just will not go away. Here is the latest: 9th Circuit. One judge asked the court to review the 3 judge panel’s decision leaving the temporary restraining order in place. This is called en banc review (16 judges). The court asked the parties to brief the issue by...

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February 9 2017

Executive Order Impact on EB-5

Until the Supreme Court says otherwise, foreign nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen with permanent resident green cards should be admitted to the U.S., but may be subject to extensive questioning and delay upon entering the U.S.  Other valid visa holders, such as foreign students, are still...

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