October 31 2016

Government Fees Increasing; GAO Report; Processing Times; The Next Surge; Election

Government Fees Increasing Months ago, the USCIS published new proposed filing fees for EB-5 cases. Last week, USCIS published notice that the new fees will be required on and after December 23, 2016. The new fees will be: I-526 for investor: $3,675 I-924 for a new RC or amendment or exemplar: $17,795! I-924A RC...

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October 17 2016

Where is EB-5 Headed?

Where is EB-5 Headed? Assuming that we will have an administration that does not hate immigrants, we will probably see: The minimum investment amount increase to $800,000; More restrictive TEA rules; Audits of RCs; More terminations of unused RCs; The shift from China to other countries will continue unless USCIS grants EB-5 status to investors under...

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September 28 2016

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended; September 2016 Filings; The Next Surge; Processing Time

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended Yea! Congress, with a continuing resolution, extended the current EB-5 Regional Center statute to December 9, 2016. September 2016 Filings We filed about a dozen I-526s in the last 10 days of September 2016. The hard deadline caused a few who were considering the EB-5 program to finally...

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September 20 2016

Statute Extension; September 30th Deadline; GAO Report; Regional Center Approval

Statute ExtensionIt still appears that on or before September 30th, or shortly thereafter, the EB-5 statute will be extended in its current form (with many other non-immigration laws) until December 9th via a "continuing resolution." If the statute expires for a few days, while the continuing resolution is worked out...

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September 9 2016

Bulletin on the Visa Bulletin

Bulletin on the Visa Bulletin The Department of State (DOS) visa list closed EB5 visas for Regional Center (RC) investors for October, but don't be alarmed. Each month, the DOS issues the Visa Bulletin, which sets the cut-off dates (the filing date of the 526 must be older than the cut-off date...

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