April 26 2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Seeking to Revamp H-1B Visa Program

In a move anticipated since he took office, President Donald Trump April 18 signed the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order, which seeks – in part – to reform the H-1B visa program for highly-skilled foreign workers. The new directive does not specify changes to the existing program, but instead...

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April 12 2017

Surge in Filing I-526 EB-5 Applications

 In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of EB-5 activity. Surge in Filing I-526 EB-5 Applications With the April 28, 2017 expiration deadline of the RC EB-5 statute (the regular/direct/self EB-5 investment statute does not expire), many investors are seeking to file their I-526s to lock in their investments at the...

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March 20 2017

Shocking EB-5 Rule Change

Obviously there is a lot happening in the EB-5 area these days. Shocking EB-5 Rule Change Previously, a RC could expand its territory usually by a letter and a map accompanying an investor’s I-526. Large territorial expansion often had substantial evidence and an economist’s opinion justifying the territory. In March via a...

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February 24 2017

The Future of EB-5

The more a visa is used, the more rules are applied to restrict its use. We saw this with the H-1B visa, which is used primarily for technology workers. In the 1990s, Intel, Apple, Microsoft and many others were staffed with foreign engineers, many with H-1B visas. As the number of...

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February 15 2017

Travel Ban Update: No Relief for the Weary

The President’s “Muslim ban” just will not go away. Here is the latest: 9th Circuit. One judge asked the court to review the 3 judge panel’s decision leaving the temporary restraining order in place. This is called en banc review (16 judges). The court asked the parties to brief the issue by...

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