December 2 2016

Continuing Resolution; China; The Trump Election Effect; Processing Time; USCIS Memo

Continuing Resolution December 9th is days away and we await Congress passing a Continuing Resolution (“CR”) to extend funding of the government along with EB-5 and a few other immigration statutes. It appears the CR will extend the government funding and EB-5 program to April 30th. China The New York Times on November...

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November 18 2016

EB-5 RC Law to Be Extended to March 31, 2017; More News; New I-9 Form

EB-5 RC Law to Be Extended to March 31, 2017 Congress announced that it will postpone passing a new government funding bill until March 31, 2017, when the new President will take over.  A short-term continuing resolution will soon be passed that will extend the current government funding until March 31st....

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November 10 2016

Election; The Senate & EB-5; ITIN

Election Overall, Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade has been most disturbing. One possible bright spot is that Trump’s son-in-law partially funded a real estate project with EB-5 funds. So EB-5 possibly may have a friend in Trump. Trump has vowed to repeal the executive order creating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program for...

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November 3 2016

RCs and Developers Take Note

RCs and Developers Take Note The USCIS recently sent a request to a RC asking for its LLC state registration. The request stated that the RC’s I-924A annual report for 2015 was being reviewed and USCIS could not confirm on the state’s webpage that the RC was in good standing. Be sure...

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October 31 2016

Government Fees Increasing; GAO Report; Processing Times; The Next Surge; Election

Government Fees Increasing Months ago, the USCIS published new proposed filing fees for EB-5 cases. Last week, USCIS published notice that the new fees will be required on and after December 23, 2016. The new fees will be: I-526 for investor: $3,675 I-924 for a new RC or amendment or exemplar: $17,795! I-924A RC...

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