February 20 2018

EB-5 Statute Extended; Investors Fight Denial of EB-5 Application

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended With the short-term spending package passing, the EB-5 Regional Center statute has once again been extended to March 23, 2018. For now, the minimum EB-5 investment amount will remain at $500,000 in a TEA. Further extension of the statute is anticipated. Investors Successfully Fought Denial of their EB-5...

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January 9 2018

New EB-5 USCIS Regulations Advance

The Federal government’s Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) is involved in rolling out all new regulations.  The OMB has advanced the estimated issuance of new EB-5 rules from April to February. Rumors say the new rules will: Increase the investment amount; Move Target Employment Area (lower investment area) determinations from the states...

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December 11 2017

EB-5 Regional Center Statute Extended

EB-5 Extended The EB-5 Regional Center statute has been extended to December 22, 2017 with the budget Continuing Resolution with no change in the rules. Many continue to make investments and file their I-526s now at the current amount of $500,000 (in a TEA), rather than waiting and having to invest the anticipated $925,000...

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November 7 2017

USCIS Releases Key Updates in Stakeholder Call

USCIS Stakeholder Call The USCIS had an EB-5 stakeholder call on Tuesday, November 7. There were a few interesting comments and developments: The USCIS EB-5 unit has new leadership. The leader and her team seem to have a new attitude. They say they are developing a system to speed up adjudications. We...

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November 3 2017

Key EB-5 Visa Updates: Investment Amount Increase, Visa Numbers for India & Vietnam, New Adjustment of Status Rules

EB-5 Investment Amount Increase The question on everybody’s mind is will the EB-5 investment amount be increased soon and what will the new amount be? Rumors abound that the TEA amount will be $925,000 and other areas $1,250,000. My information from Washington D.C. is that negotiations in the Senate continue. It looks...

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