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September 10 2019

Help Us Support Immigrants with Medical Deferred Action

Recently, Martin Lawler has been working on the case of Isabel Bueso, a Guatemalan immigrant who came to the United States to receive treatment for a rare disease, but who may be forced to leave the country because of recent rule changes from USCIS. You can read more about Isabel here:

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July 23 2019

Understanding the EB-5 Rule Changes: EB-5 Green Card Investment Amount Increased to $900,000

 New EB-5 Rules Regarding TEAs The new EB-5 rules not only increase the minimum investment amount from $500,000 to $900,000 in a Targeted Employment Area (“TEA”) but also remove states from the process of designating TEAs.  The new rules will require the following:  USCIS, not the states, will determine TEAs No gerrymandering (irregularly shaped...

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July 2 2019

EB-5 Investment Amount Increase?

Last week, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) cleared USCIS regulations for publication to 1) increase the EB-5 investment amount from the current minimum of $500,000, and 2) change the Targeted Unemployment Area (“TEA”) rules.  One immigration blogger predicts the new rule will be published within two weeks.  If...

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June 20 2019

Social Media Questions Included on Visa Applications

Social Media Questions Included on Visa Applications The Department of State (DOS) has added a new requirement for both people seeking temporary visas as well as new immigrants.  Now the government Form DS-160 for a non-immigrant visa and Form DS-260 for an immigrant visa require the applicant to answer a question...

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May 31 2019

Indian EB-5 Quota Update

There are 10,000 EB-5 visas annually.  No country can take more than 7% per fiscal year.  The State Department (“DOS”) has announced that by July, the approximately 700 Indian EB-5 visas will be nearly exhausted for this fiscal year and the Visa Bulletin will have a cut-off date “sometime in...

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