August 3 2015

Loan Duration

EB-5 Newsletter For regional centers, developers and financiers LOAN DURATIONMany Regional Centers (“RCs”) take in EB-5 capital to the New Commercial Enterprise (“NCE”) which then loans the funds to the Job Creating Entity (“JCE”).The loan terms are often for 5 years, enough time for the EB-5 investor to immigrate to the...

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August 1 2015

USCIS Processing Times

To find the information you are looking for, click on the USCIS website link below and then choose appropriate Service Center at the bottom of the USCIS web page: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is committed to providing the best possible customer service before and after you file your...

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July 20 2015

Tourist Visas to Visit Potential EB-5 Projects

Last week the White House released a statement regarding immigration reform.  It included vague statements on EB-5.  The White House said the Department of Homeland Security will create rules requiring conflict-of-interest disclosures by Regional Center principals, background checks, public disclosure requirements, and increasing the minimum qualifying amount of investment.  Most important,...

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July 16 2015

More on Shovel Ready and Exemplars

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the section in the proposed regional center (“RC”) extension bill, S. 1501, that permits filing an exemplar application to lock in the $500,000 investment amount and TEA. It is unclear under S. 1501 whether the project must be “shovel ready” for an exemplar. S....

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July 1 2015

Shovel Ready

SHOVEL READY The Leahy-Grassley EB-5 Regional Center (“RC”) extension bill S. 1501 permits (if enacted as drafted) filing an exemplar 924/526 before September 30 (when the current statute expires).  In doing so, the RC will lock in for a project the $500,000 instead of the new bill’s $800,000 minimum investment amount,...

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