February 9 2017

Executive Order Impact on EB-5

Until the Supreme Court says otherwise, foreign nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen with permanent resident green cards should be admitted to the U.S., but may be subject to extensive questioning and delay upon entering the U.S.  Other valid visa holders, such as foreign students, are still...

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February 1 2017

Trump Executive Orders and EB-5 Immigration

As you know, there were a number of Presidential Executive Orders and directives (“Trump Orders”) issued last week. They involve building a border wall with Mexico and suspending indefinitely the entry of Syrian refugees and not accepting other refugees for 120 days. The Trump Order also impact all visas and...

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January 26 2017

New Rules & Other News from Washington D.C.

New Rules on Visas for Muslims?  President Donald Trump has issued and is expected to issue more executive orders on immigration today and in the coming days. He is expected to issue orders reducing refugees and suspending immigrant and temporary visas for citizens of Muslim-majority countries Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan,...

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January 24 2017

EB-5 Rule Changes & Application Timing

Many people are asking me how soon they should invest in order to qualify for EB-5 immigration at the current $500,000 investment level. The Immigration Service has published new rules suggesting an increase of a minimum of $1.35 million investment and as high as $1.8 million. The answer to the...

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January 19 2017

Analysis of the New Proposed EB-5 Rules

On January 13, 2017, the USCIS issued proposed new EB-5 visa requirements through a notice of proposed rulemaking.  If enacted, the new rules would increase the EB-5 investment amounts; create extremely restrictive new Targeted Employment Area (TEA) requirements; allow retention of priority dates; and make a few miscellaneous rule changes. ...

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