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March 20 2020

EB-5 Investment May Decrease to $450,000

As part of the economic stimulus bill, the Administration is considering provisions to modify the EB-5 jobs and immigration program by 1) lowering the minimum investment amount to $450,000 from the current $900,000 amount and 2) increasing the number of visas from the current 10,000 to 75,000. 

This is just a proposal at this point.  Senator Lindsey Graham, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is a proponent of the EB-5 program and opposed the investment increase in November.  As Chair of the Judiciary Committee, he will have a say in this legislation as will Senator Schumer, who is the leader of the Democrats in the Senate.  But there will be opposition by anti-immigrant groups. 

We have adjusted our work and continue in operation from home. Actually, for two decades we have had three staff work from home, two in rural areas which have not been impacted by the virus as in urban areas. We continue to be able to file applications and will be working pretty much as we do in normal times.